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Independent cinema, liberated. Creatively rich and diverse films on one platform. Connecting films with their audience; making visible indie filmmakers from around the world. Uniting a geographically dispossessed community with transparency and parity.



Liberate Indie Film, Drive Creativity, and Unite a Community


Liberate Indie Film

High quality global Indie Film on one platform. Filmmakers screening directly to their audience. Hard to find films made visible. Opening the world of Indie cinema. Making visible high quality Indie films that aren’t found outside of film festivals.


Drive Creativity

Giving space to diverse talent globally. Connect with unique voices from Bogotá to Seoul. A creatively safe space where the criterion for screening forgoes formula.


Unite The Community

Dissolving the barrier between audience and creator. The audience directly supports the filmmaker. Creating a self-supporting ecosystem. Be an active member of the Indie film community.


“We’re going to need a bigger cinema.”

Faith Selby  |  Founder



Founded in 2015, as a reaction to the independent film industry, where high quality indie films don’t have a life outside of film festivals; and remain hard to reach for indie film audiences.

The last decade has seen an increase in the number of film festivals each year and the number of filmmakers making independent films. Overall, the amount of independent films produced each year has vastly increased.

Whilst mainstream cinema has focused on blockbusters, industry experts have heralded the death of the medium budget film whereby an entire generation of filmmakers are missing in action.

Backlot believes that this death is greatly exaggerated and these filmmakers are not missing in action, simply without a platform. Creating a space for an array of high quality independent films from around the world Backlot, gives indie film fans the creatively rich, diverse cinema it craves; and opens up the world of indie cinema.



Up Now

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